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Timesplitters Could Be the Next PS2 Classic To Join PS Plus Premium

Timesplitters could live again as Free Radical’s early PS2 shooter is rated for PS4 and PS5., with a PS Plus Premium spot looking likely.

The Taiwan ratings board has listed the shooter for PS4 and PS5, which would indicate it is soon likely to join the growing roster of PS2 Classics on PS Plus Premium.

Timesplitters returning to PlayStation in bittersweet fashion

For long-suffering Timesplitters fans (here), it’s bittersweet news. It’s great that one of PS2’s great breakthrough games is getting a modern port. However, the closure of the original studio, Free Radical, and the cancellation of a new Timesplitters opened old wounds.

Timesplitters was a PS2 exclusive from some of the team behind N64 hits GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. It was also a launch title for the console. It sees characters from different time periods battling against their own personal threats as an alien race makes time-altering plans in the shadows. Timesplitters also had a co-op campaign and local multiplayer at launch. So, hopefully, those features will remain intact.

PlayStation had been a bit slow in updating its roster of classic games after an initial glut of PS One games. But in recent months, we’ve had PS2 Classics, including Sly Cooper, Tomb Raider Legend, and Ghosthunter.

Hopefully, this won’t be the first time a Timesplitters game will get a port. Timesplitters 2 with multiplayer would be nice.

I’m sure everyone has their wishlist of PS2 titles they’d like to see make the jump to PS4 and PS5. Personally, I’m praying for an SOS: The Final Escape/Raw Danger port.