Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree has no trophies

Lack of Elden Ring DLC Trophies Leads to Heated Debate Among PS5 Players

Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree finally dropped yesterday, and PS5 players were quick to note that it came without a set of trophies. It is a tad unusual to see a major expansion launch without trophies, but trophy hunting remains a niche activity among PlayStation players.

Lack of Elden Ring DLC trophies apparently a dealbreaker for a small group of PS5 players

Threads popped up on sites like ResetEra and PSNProfiles decrying the lack of Shadow of the Erdtree trophies. While a large number of players have said that their decision to purchase the expansion isn’t impacted by the move, others have said that they’ll either move on to something else or wait for a sale.

“How is it in 2024 a huge 30-40 hour expansion pack is released with no trophies/achievements,” one user complained on ResetEra. “Is this even allowed?” “Wild that people don’t want to play this (probable) masterpiece because of no trophies,” wrote a PSNProfiles user. “At the end of the day, not adding trophies/achievements do nothing but void a potential sale for those that enjoy getting them,” opined another user.

We doubt Shadow of the Erdtree’s sales will be impacted by the DLC not having trophies and achievements, but we’re certainly curious to know why FromSoftware opted against them.