Giants Software Farming Simulator 25 announced

Farming Simulator 25 PS5 Release Date Set, Year 1 Pass Announced

Giants Software’s Farming Simulator 25 is on its way to PlayStation 5 and other platforms on November 12. The latest installment introduces new crops, animals, and vehicles and the option to manage a farm on a new continent. The studio also announced the game’s Year 1 Pass, featuring three smaller DLC and a major expansion.

What’s new in Farming Simulator 25?

Giants Software announced Farming Simulator 25 with a trailer on Tuesday. The video shows two farmers who, after missing their bus while on vacation in Asia, stumble across a tractor planting a water-filled rice paddy. This inspires them to convert some of their fields to rice paddies. It ends with one of the farmers commenting that the rice might be good with some spinach.

The cinematic trailer showcases several new features in Farming Simulator 25. Players can choose between North America, Europe, or, for the first time, East Asia to build their agricultural empire. New crops include spinach and two kinds of rice, with water buffalo joining the barn as a new kind of livestock. While intended for rice, the field flooding mechanic might also open the door for cranberry bogs somewhere down the line. However, developer Giants Software hasn’t mentioned any such plans.

The studio has, however, announced Farming Simulator 25’s Year 1 Pass, which delivers new content every quarter of 2025. The final add-on, set for Quarter 4 2025, introduces a whole new map for players to cultivate. Additionally, farmers who preorder get the free MacDon Pack, featuring five machines from the Canadian manufacturer.