vampire survivors ps5 releae date delay

Vampire Survivors PS5 Release Date Being Held Up by PlayStation’s Submission Process

The Vampire Survivors PS5 release date is still a mystery, and developer Poncle has explained why the hit game isn’t on the release calendar.

While Vampire Survivors has seemingly hit every other platform known to man, a PS4 and PS5 release is happening. But, unfortunately, it’s being held up by behind the scenes tinkering needed to comply with PlayStation’s submission process.

Vampire Survivors PS5 release date delay explained

Poncle has suggested that the delay in a Vampire Survivors PS5 release date is due to the submission process and the development team’s tinkering with Trophies.

”As it’s now summer we’ve had a lot of people asking when the PlayStation release will be happening

We want to keep you all updated, as we still don’t have a release date to share, but wanted to let you know why.

This is the first time we’re going through submission processes on PlayStation so it’s taking a little longer than usual

We’re also doing some trial and error on Trophies to ensure we get them right

BUT we’ll let you know ASAP when we have a solid date!”

The trophy issue is perhaps understandable as Vampire Survivors’ achievement list is pretty hefty and probably needs reworking for the PlayStation Trophies format.

Vampire Survivors became a breakout hit thanks to its highly compelling and simple gameplay loop. Despite it’s simple pixel art style, the increasingly chaotic onscreen action makes it a real spectacle.