PSN Down
(Photo Credit: Sony/PSLS)

PSN Down, Services Including Game Streaming Being Impacted (Update: It’s Back Up)

Update: It’s back up.

PSN down reports have been coming in today, Monday, July 1, largely from users in North America, and Sony has confirmed on its official website that the PlayStation Network and its assorted services are currently experiencing issues.

Sony’s PlayStation Network appears to be down for many users right now, impacting the ability to use any of the PSN services such as online play, license restoration, friends lists, and more. Sony has acknowledged the outage via the PSN Status page, listing all PSN services as down except for PlayStation Direct.

What are the PSN down reports saying?

Sony’s PSN status page currently lists all services as down, including:

  • Account management
  • Gaming and social
  • PlayStation Now
  • PlayStation Video
  • PlayStation Store

Depending on your region, you may not be experiencing issues with the PSN at this time. We’ve heard from some users that they are still able to play games online without any problems. It also says that game streaming is being impacted and that “you might have difficulty launching games, apps, or network features. We’re working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.”

The AskPlayStation Twitter account, which usually quickly acknowledges the issues, hasn’t yet said anything about the PSN being down.

The ability to access game licenses can particularly be an issue if you live in a multi-PS4/PS5 household and use primary and alternate consoles to do game sharing with your family members, which requires a “check-in” with the PSN to verify licenses and ownership of games to the users logged to that specific console.

We’ll keep an eye on the ongoing issues and let you know when the PlayStation Network is back up. Until then, you may have issues playing games online of verifying your game licenses on PlayStation platforms. Leave a comment below to let other games know of how your gaming is being impacted so far.