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Fallout 76 Update

Fallout 76 Update Slightly Delayed for Consoles, Updated Patch Notes Released

They’ll be doing some further testing.

anthem trailer

BioWare Offers Detailed Breakdown of Anthem’s TGA 2018 Trailer

There’s a lot to unpack here.

playstation 5

Looks Like Shawn Layden Is Teasing PlayStation Announcement(s) for 2019

“See you in the new year.”

kinda funny games showcase

Check Out the Highlights From Kinda Funny Games Showcase Right Here

All the PlayStation-related announcements in one place!

danganronpa trilogy

Danganronpa Trilogy Announced for the PlayStation 4, Coming March 2019

Includes Trigger Happy Havoc, Goodbye Despair, and Killing Harmony.

project judge release

Project Judge Coming to the West in Summer 2019, Officially Titled Judgment

It’ll feature dual audio.

just cause 4 update

Just Cause 4’s Technical Issues Prompt Statement From Avalanche Promising Ongoing Support

“We’re a small but very passionate team.”

h1z1 dev

H1Z1 Studio Daybreak Hit By Layoffs, Around 70 Employees Affected

H1Z1 has been experiencing a drop in player count.

ea employee fired

EA Director Files Legal Case After Being Fired for Allegedly Making Inappropriate Remarks

EA rejects Philippe Grenet’s claims.

death stranding

Norman Reedus ‘Thinks’ Death Stranding Will Release in 2019

“Early” 2019, that is.

dauntless ps4

Free-to-Play Co-Op RPG, Dauntless, Releasing in 2019 With Cross-Platform Play and Progression

Team up with your friends to take on the Behemoths.

playstation store sale

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Black Ops 4, and More Discounted in Massive EU PlayStation Store Sale

There’s something for everyone here!

fortnite dance emote

Rapper 2 Milly Officially Going Ahead With Lawsuit Against Epic Games Over Fortnite Dance Moves

Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht LLP will be representing him.

playstation tv ads

PlayStation Tops Video Game Industry’s Most-Seen TV Ads Ranking Yet Again

Most-viewed ad was Red Dead Redemption 2’s “Nothing Means More.”

red dead online economy

Red Dead Online’s Economy Requires Excessive Grinding, Leading to Calls for Change

Baked beans are more valuable than gold rings in Rockstar’s world.

sony censorship

Senran Kagura 7EVEN’s Release May Take a While Due to ‘Recent Regulations,’ Says Producer

He’s referring to Sony’s crackdown on certain content.

Fallout 76 Bag

Bethesda Gave Fallout 76 Canvas Bags to Influencers, Infuriating Power Armor Edition Owners

It isn’t the same bag but it has angered customers nonetheless.

ubisoft servers

Ubisoft to Acquire Leading Game Server Hosting Company to ‘Strengthen Online Services’ has worked with a number of major game companies.