Review Policy

For Game Publisher and Product Manufacturers

We reserve the right to score a game or product however we see fit, and expect that in no way will our scores affect future relationships. All games or products received are sent to us for review consideration, meaning, we reserve the right NOT to review a game or product depending on a number of factors, including how much attention your game or product is receiving, and what proximity your game or product is sent to us in correlation to the embargo or release date of a game or product. We strictly agree and adhere to any and all embargoes set forth by game publishers or product manufacturers.

Receiving your game or product with ample time ahead of release date or embargo is paramount to our review consideration. Games or products received on or after a release date are likely not to be covered. We do have a PS3 debug console in our possession. Get us your review code, and get us it early. For related video game hardware including consoles, accessories, headsets, and more, we will NOT under any circumstances complete a review of a piece of hardware that must be returned after a set period of time, because we reserve the right to update reviews in result of hardware failure through regular usage. Please understand these terms before sending us a game or product for review consideration.

What Our Review Scores Mean

(Platinum) Near Perfect – This is as close to perfect as you can get. This game will go down in history as one of the best games of a generation.
(Gold) Excellent – A likely must-own for fans of the series or genre. Nearly everything about the game is top notch.
(Silver) Great – We highly recommend this game. Expect a game of high quality. Not quite a must-buy, but something that a lot of gamers should consider.
(Bronze) Good – We recommend this game. It might be missing a few key aspects that could have made it great, but it’s a game worth picking up, especially fans of the genre or series.
Decent – We carefully recommend this game. If you are a fan of the franchise or genre, you may enjoy this game. However, there is nothing groundbreaking, or anything you simply must experience.
Mediocre – This game is a hit or miss. Some will enjoy it, many will not. This is the type of game you might want to wait until it’s on sale to purchase.
Poor – This game is a miss. A strong rental. Someone out there will love it, but we didn’t and therefore can’t recommend this in good faith.
Bad– This game is not worth a full-price purchase. It may be worth a rental or discount buy, but only if you love the franchise or genre. Otherwise steer clear of this game.
Terrible – Warning. Buying this game will be a waste of money. Rent this game only if you enjoy self-torture.
Crap – This game should never have been created. The developers should be banned from making more games in the future to save us from having to review it.
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