PS3 Review – Damnation

May 18, 2009Written by Josh Fernandes

Boss battles are just as lackluster as the rest of the game. The strategy for every boss battle is just to point at the boss and shoot. You really don’t even need to move your character. The bosses go down with a hilariously small amount of bullets and put up as much of a fight as a baby kitten.

I should also mention that there are several segments where you ride a motorcycle. The story never really addresses why you do this, but there are about 8 of these segments in the game. These sections of the game really seem to serve no purpose and are not fun at all. They are just lifeless, drive from point A to point B segments. Occasionally, you drive on the wall during these portions, but this does little to add any excitement to the gameplay.

It runs on steam, and it defies physics!

The only part of the game that adds any excitement is the glitches. They will pop-up often, and will often result in hilarious effects. Enemies and friendly NPCs will disappear into thin air. Your co-op partner will get stuck in their current animation and glide around the level. Your character will get stuck in walls, or walk on invisible floors. The game has more bugs than a tropical rainforest. It is clearly a bad sign when the glitches are the most entertaining part of the game.

Level design is uninspiring. You can actually see the entirety of a level from the beginning, which is kind of cool, and there are some places where the level will open up, but most of the game is very linear.

The game features local and online versus modes, but there is absolutely nobody playing this game online, and I’m a little surprised the servers are still up.

This won't end well

I think the description of the final boss fight will best describe this game–don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything. The final boss glitched and stood perfectly still, and let me shoot him in the face until he was dead. That’s what Damnation is: a glitchy mess that you just have to shoot in the face until it dies. The game has no polish, no appeal, no enjoyment, and no redeemable qualities of any kind. By now, you should not be surprised to hear that I warn you to stay away from this game at all costs.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Tired, boring gameplay

Story is forgettable

Glitches provide mild amusement

1 out of 5

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