Batman Batarangs Himself a Guinness Record

August 29, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Batman: Arkham Asylum, the latest superhero title released August 25th, has received fantastic praise from reviewers across the globe. And because of this, developer Rocksteady Studios, in association with Eidos and Square-Enix, have earned themselves a monumental prize.

Yes, Batman: Arkham Asylum has gotten itself a Guinness Record for being the “most critically acclaimed superhero game ever.”

Gaz Deaves from Guinness World Records, had this to say regarding the new record:

“We are so pleased to be awarding Batman: Arkham Asylum a Guinness World Record. It is a fantastic new game and due to the reaction of gaming experts we believe it has a well deserved place in the Guinness World Records book.”

Congratulations to Rocksteady Studios, and all of the staff employed. Batman: Arkham Asylum is currently available for the PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe.