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sony fined two million euros

Sony Fined Two Million Euros for ‘Misleading’ PlayStation Customers

Can we talk these guys into fining Sony for cross-play prohibition?

PS5 rumor

One Dev Doesn’t Think PS5 Will Be Solely Digital and Wants Cartridges Instead of Discs

The PS5 will likely accept physical media, so don’t expect video games to abandon discs just yet.

playstation 5 tease

Some Think the PlayStation 4 Holiday Theme May Include a PS5 Teaser

This seems doubtful.

playstation 5 tech

Sony Job Listing May Hint at PlayStation 5 Priorities and Tech

There goes Sony with its head in the clouds.

god of war valkyries

Simple Math and Trophy Counts Might Determine Number of Users for PS4 Games

How many users?!

Top 10 PlayStation 4 Console Bundles

Top 10 PlayStation 4 Console Bundles

Upgrade your console and pick up some great games all for a great price!

ps4 holiday theme

PlayStation Is Sending Codes for a Free PS4 Holiday Theme, Check Out a Preview

Sweet music!

The PlayStation Classic Has Been Hacked, Games Added

We would have bought a GameShark Classic, but this works too.

playstation 5

Looks Like Shawn Layden Is Teasing PlayStation Announcement(s) for 2019

“See you in the new year.”

playstation tv ads

PlayStation Tops Video Game Industry’s Most-Seen TV Ads Ranking Yet Again

Most-viewed ad was Red Dead Redemption 2’s “Nothing Means More.”

game console market

Nintendo Expected to Become Console Market Leader in 2019, Narrowly Beating Sony

Overall, Sony remains the market leader with almost 50% share.

arc the lad psone classic

The PlayStation Classics: Arc the Lad

The first part of a great trilogy.

Trump chinese tariffs PlayStation 4 sony

Trump’s Chinese Tariffs Target Consumer Electronics, Including Sony and PlayStation

It’s unknown if those additional fees will be passed onto consumers.

psn account ban

Sony Reinstated Wrongly Banned PSN ID After the Story Made Rounds Online

The PSN ID was offensive, but there’s more to it.

Western game sales Japan

Japanese Sales Chart: Red Dead Redemption 2 and COD Are Still Going Strong

Japan likes COD and RDR2 too!

playstation tax

Chicago Amusement Tax on PlayStation Alarms Gamers and Liberty Justice Center

A nine percent tax will be applicable starting November 14.

revised ps4 pro

The Revised PlayStation 4 Pro CUH-7200 Is Quieter Than Previous Models (Update)

CUH-7200 was rolled out recently.

dark cloud ps2 classic

The PlayStation Classics: Dark Cloud PS2 Classic

Dark Clouds are going to clear up.

next generation consoles

Do We Really Need To Be Talking About Next Generation Consoles?

The future is great and all, but what about the present?