Black Myth Wukong PS5 Exclusivity Deal

Black Myth Wukong May Have PS5 Exclusivity Deal

If certain statements are to be believed, Black Myth Wukong may have a PS5 timed-exclusivity deal after all.

The game was delayed on Xbox Series X|S earlier this month, and the official reason given by developer Game Science was optimization issues. However, a recent statement from Microsoft makes it seem like that might not be the complete truth.

Microsoft hints at another reason for the Black Myth Wukong Xbox delay

At Summer Game Fest earlier this month, the latest Black Myth Wukong trailer showed the game was only launching for PS5 and PC on August 20. The previously-mentioned Xbox Series X|S version was delayed. Despite the official reason that Game Science was “currently optimizing the Xbox Series X|S version to meet our quality standards“, rumors started spreading about a timed-exclusivity deal for Sony. Now Microsoft has further fueled the fire with its own statement given to Windows Central:

“We’re excited for the launch of Black Myth Wukong on Xbox Series X|S and are working with Game Science to bring the game to our platforms,” Microsoft said. “We can’t comment on the deals made by our partners with other platform holders, but we remain focused on making Xbox the best platform for gamers, and great games are at the center of that.”

On the surface, the statement implies that Game Science does indeed have a deal to make Black Myth Wukong a console launch exclusive for PS5. However, the exact question posed to Microsoft wasn’t mentioned and we’re not exactly sure what the statement was addressing. It could just be a strangely worded stock answer that clarifies Microsoft is working to bring Black Myth Wukong to Xbox while not being able to comment on the rumors of exclusivity deals with other companies.

If there is a deal, for how long it will last is a mystery as the Xbox Series X|S version of the game doesn’t have a firm release date right now. Game Science stated it would “announce the release date as soon as [the game] meets our quality standards.” Any delay less than six months, though, would imply the rumors of an exclusivity deal were unfounded after all.