Sony scaling back support for new PSVR 2 games

Sony Reportedly Scaling Back Investment in PSVR 2 Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment launched the PlayStation VR2 last year, bringing virtual reality capabilities to the PlayStation 5. However, the platform has been struggling for some time, and it appears that Sony is losing faith. A recent report indicates that the publisher is scaling back support for new PSVR 2 games.

Is Sony giving up on PSVR 2?

According to Android Central, their sources indicate that Sony was cutting funding for PSVR 2 games. There are reportedly only two first-party games in development for that platform, and there will be few opportunities for more going forward. Sony has yet to comment on that report, though it’s a concerning sign for the future of the PS5’s VR system.

This is by no means the first indication that the $550 peripheral might be in trouble. News broke in March that Sony had paused production of the PSVR 2 due to the high number of unsold headsets. While many praise the system’s features and technical performance, its high price was cited as the primary factor in its poor sales.

The lack of games also isn’t a new problem for PSVR 2. Sony has only released a handful of first-party games for the platform and none in 2024. The publisher also shut down two of its VR studios, shuttering Blood & Truth developer London Studio and Firewall developer First Contact Entertainment.

Sony is releasing a PSVR 2 PC adapter next month, which could help sales by opening it to a larger market. However, with Sony reportedly scaling back its investment in new VR games, some might wonder how much longer it will take before Sony stops supporting it.