Will PSVR 2 sales flop?

Report: PSVR 2 Production Temporarily Paused Due to Unsold Stock Surplus

A new report claims that PSVR 2 sales have seen a progressive decline, prompting Sony to pause production as excess inventory builds up. The report comes from Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki, whose articles and data have often been disputed by Sony in the past, but the company was contacted for a comment and didn’t respond.

What’s going on with PSVR 2 sales?

Mochizuki claims that his sources are familiar with Sony’s production plans but we ask our readers to take this with a grain of salt. Bloomberg quotes global data corporation IDC as stating that PSVR 2’s shipments have steadily declined every quarter since its launch, and there’s currently surplus stock throughout Sony’s supply chain. However, IDC has expressed hope that sales will recover as the VR market is expected to grow an average of 31.5% annually between 2023 and 2028.

“The high price of VR hardware acts as the main hurdle for its expansion,” Macquarie analyst Yijia Zhai told Bloomberg, referring to PSVR 2’s price tag of $550. “Currently, there are limited games that support VR devices, and that will also lead to lack of motivation for players to purchase VR hardware.” PSVR 2 is not backwards compatible with PSVR games.

It was recently revealed that Sony’s testing PC support for the headset.