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spider man ps4 dlc

Check out the New Suits Coming in Marvel’s Spider-Man’s First Add-on

A spider’s gotta look his best.

Spider-Man PS4 New Game Plus

Spider-Man’s New Game+ Arriving Alongside a New Difficulty Mode (Update)

Caught again in Spider-Man’s web.

spider-man black cat dlc

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Insomniac Teases ‘Twists and Turns’ for Black Cat in DLC

Expect the unexpected from Felicia Hardy’s Black Cat.

spider-man sinister six

Marvel’s Spider-Man Originally Had Missions Dedicated to Sinister Six Members

Out of these cuts came combined boss fights.

days gone demo

Days Gone Will Be Playable at PlayStation Madrid Games Week

The event begins October 18, 2018.

Dreams PS4

Dreams Aims to Make Game Development an Accessible Hobby

Like picking up a guitar and starting to strum.

spider-man japan sales

Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Breaking Sales Records in Japan

Some amazing sales for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

PS4 and TV

Sony Sues Hacker Over Jailbroken PlayStation 4s

Sony bought one of his consoles.

firewall zero hour dlc

Grab Some Firewall Zero Hour DLC This Month

The DLC pack launches this month.

dreams campaign

New Dreams Campaign Gameplay Showcases Sci-Fi Themed Levels

Watch how levels were built entirely from Dreams’ toolset.

spider-man ps4 platinum

Spider-Man Has One of the Highest Platinum Trophy Achievement Rates Among PS4 Exclusives

1 in 10 players have unlocked the Platinum.

spider man ps4 sales

Spider-Man Sold 44% More Retail Copies Than Uncharted 4 Did During Launch Month in the UK

PS4 claimed approximately 63% market share in September 2018.

Jumping Flash PlayStation Classic

The PlayStation Classics: Jumping Flash!

It’s a gas.

Dreams PS4

Dreams Will Let You Build Everything But MMOs

You may not want to publish that M-rated game either.

dreams online multiplayer

Dreams Won’t Have Online Multiplayer at Launch

Media Molecule wants to get it just right.

farpoint sales figures

Farpoint Is PSVR’s Best-Selling Title in the United States to Date

Three Sony published games make the top five list.

spider-man ps4 uk sales

Marvel’s Spider-Man UK Sales Have Already Surpassed Far Cry 5

Marvel’s Spider-Man is currently the UK’s second best-selling game in 2018.

god of war cinematics

God of War Director of Photography Explains Key Moments That Shaped the Game’s Cinematic Style

It ain’t easy making people teary-eyed.

days gone storyline

Creative Director Says Story Is a ‘Huge Part’ of Days Gone

Additional story details are on the horizon.

spider-man legacy

Insomniac Developers Discuss Spider-Man’s Legacy

The team definitely rose to the occasion to deliver something remarkable.