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sony interactive entertainment e3 2019

Sony Interactive Entertainment is Skipping E3 2019

The ultimate power move, or saving resources for something bigger?

Days gone cover art

Days Gone Cover Art Revealed on Amazon, Shows a Surprisingly Relaxed Deacon

A man, his motorcycle, and a wave of death.

Here’s a First Look at Spider-Man’s Turf Wars DLC, New Suits and All

Go head to head with this crime boss.

Here Are the Trophies You Can Earn in Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Second Add-on

Collect some trophies while you’re out getting pictures of Spider-Man.

PlayStation Classic

Get Ready for the PlayStation Classic With This Close-up Look

Small but mighty.

spider-man turf wars dlc

Marvel’s Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC Release Date Confirmed by In-Game Menu

Spider-Man goes head-to-head with a new villain.

troy baker death stranding

Troy Baker Has Finished Filming Death Stranding and Is Talking About It

He teases the little he can about the game.

deracine vr experience

Déraciné Director Hopes the Game Has a Lasting Impact on Players

Hopefully, it lingers on.

deracine launch trailer

Watch as Time Stands Still in Déraciné’s Launch Trailer

There’s a faerie afoot.

MLB The Show 19 Release Date

MLB The Show 19’s Cover Athlete Is Bryce Harper, But His Team Is TBD

But we do know the preorder bonuses and special editions.

ghost of tsushima studio

Ghost of Tsushima’s Sucker Punch Feels Pressured to Live Up to Sony’s Standards

But it’s a “good” kind of pressure.

Ghost of Tsushima historical accuracy

Sucker Punch Assures Players That Ghost of Tsushima Historical Accuracy Will be Very Detailed

Notice me, senpai.

nekopara vol 1 censorship

Sony’s Censorship Policy Seemingly Applies to Japanese Releases

Well this is unexpected.

playstation pottery barn

Decorate Your Home With PlayStation-Inspired Décor from Pottery Barn

Appealing and expensive.

PS4 Pro 2TB

Japan Is Getting a 2TB PS4 Pro This Month

Here’s hoping it heads west.

The Last of Us Part II Designer Calls It ‘Freakin’ Unreal’

As if the hype wasn’t real enough.

medievil ps4 trailer

Sony Releases the First MediEvil Remake Trailer as the Perfect Halloween Treat

Expect plenty of treats, and maybe some tricks.

PlayStation 4 Sales

The PlayStation 4 Hits 86.1 Million in Sales Worldwide

A while of hardware.

deracine vr experience

FromSoftware and Japan Studio Explain What Makes Déraciné a Unique VR Experience

The game’s overall presentation plays a big part.