PlayStation Shapes Collection Figures

New PlayStation Shapes Collection Figures Include Aloy, Kratos, and Jin Sakai

Sony has teamed up with Spin Master to launch a new range of collectible figures based on PlayStation Studios franchises. Dubbed the PlayStation Shapes collection, the figures include Aloy and Varl from Horizon: Forbidden West, Kratos and Atreus from God of War, and Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima.

When will the Shapes Collection figures be released?

The figures from the Shapes Collection will start shipping from the PlayStation Gear store on August 15, 2024, in Europe. The PlayStation Gear store for the United States currently has a placeholder shipping date of January 1, 2025; however, Sony’s Vice President of Network Advertising, Loyalty & Licensed Merchandise, Grace Chen, has said the figures will ship in August. All of the figures are available to pre-order now.

All five of the 6-inch adjustable figures have been created in collaboration with developers who worked on the games. Each has interchangeable accessories and can be posed in many different ways thanks to dozens of points of articulation.

Horizon’s Aloy is the most expensive of the five at $49.99. She has 42 points of articulation and 15 accessories that include interchangeable face plates, hands, a precision bow, spear, arrow, and quiver. Her companion Varl is priced at $29.99. He has 32 points of articulation and an unspecified number of accessories that include his axe and two sets of hands for various grips.

Kratos and Atreus from God of War are also $29.99 each. The former has 31 points of articulation and accessories like the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos. Meanwhile, Atreus has 33 points of articulation and comes with a bow, arrow, and interchangeable hands.

Completing the collection is Ghost of Tsushima’s Jin Sakai. Also priced at $29.99, he has 32 points of articulation. His collection of accessories include his katana, tanto, mempo mask, and an additional sword.