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Why the Long Shot is Essential to God of War’s Story

It was a long shot, but Sony Santa Monica’s camera risk paid off.

ps store sale

EU PS Store Offering Discounts on Hit Titles Including Detroit: Become Human and God of War

“Big Games, Big Discounts” promotion runs until October 18, 2018.

god of war cinematics

God of War Director of Photography Explains Key Moments That Shaped the Game’s Cinematic Style

It ain’t easy making people teary-eyed.

Cory Barlog

Dev Spotlight: Cory Barlog

The man, the myth, the legend behind the God of War.

spider man ps4

Santa Monica Studio and Guerrilla Games Celebrate Spider-Man’s Launch in the Most Adorable Way

If only this was teasing a sequel to PlayStation All-Stars.

god of war success

Valiant Hearts Director Says God of War Is ‘Very Good’ for the Industry

The industry at large benefits from God of War’s success.

god of war combat

God of War Infographic Details How Players Approach Combat

Nearly 500,000 people have earned the Platinum trophy.

God of war atreus

Cory Barlog Reveals That He Wanted to ‘Give up Many Times’ During God of War’s Development

Atreus landed on the chopping block several times.

god of war audiobook

Mimir is Narrating the God of War Audiobook

Mimir has to hustle, just like everyone else.

god of war boat

The Story of How Kratos’ Boat Came to God of War

The story of a big, angry man and his tiny boat.

GTA V and God of War Rule the July 2018 NPD Charts

People love GTA V.

attack of the blockbusters sale

The Attack of the Blockbusters Sale is Back: Save a Ton on Big Games

Save that money and still play some of the best games on PS4.

god of war boss fight

Look Behind the Scenes at God of War’s First Boss

Wasn’t this fight the best?

god of war prequel comic

Kratos Fights a Bear in This Early Look at Dark Horses’ New God of War Comic

This comic is looking pretty grizzly.

kratos in shovel knight

Cory Barlog Said Kratos in Shovel Knight is Canon

Ok, sure! Why not?

God of War New Game Plus

God of War New Game+ Arrives in August 2018

Boy, run it back.

God of War Kratos

Cory Barlog Initially Pitched ‘Dad Bod’ Kratos for God of War

Kratos with a Dad bod seems like a sight worth seeing.

god of war narrative

Reinventing Linear Narratives: How God of War Changed Video Game Storytelling

BOY! Reinvent that narrative!

june npd report god of war

PlayStation History is Made with the June 2018 NPD Report

I’m sure you’ll all be shocked by the best-selling console.

god of war digital sales

God of War Earned $131 Million in Digital Sales During Its Launch Month

God of War proves multiplayer games aren’t ringing the death knell for single-player.