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PlayStation Games 2019

Sony Shows Off What’s in Store for the PS4 with ‘Coming Attractions’

2019 and beyond!

ghost of tsushima studio

Ghost of Tsushima’s Sucker Punch Feels Pressured to Live Up to Sony’s Standards

But it’s a “good” kind of pressure.

Ghost of Tsushima historical accuracy

Sucker Punch Assures Players That Ghost of Tsushima Historical Accuracy Will be Very Detailed

Notice me, senpai.

best upcoming ps4 games

The Biggest PS4 Releases Still to Come

Greatness (still) awaits.

ghost of tsushima video

Creative Director Teases Ghost of Tsushima’s Authenticity in ‘Making of’ Video

Sucker Punch is working hard to create an authentic experience.

Ghost of Tsushima PS4 inspiration

Ghost of Tsushima Inspiration: Samurai From Film to Controller

Ghosts of Tsushima has learned from some great samurai films, but here is a list of others to get players even more excited for the game.

Ghost of Tsushima Details

Ghost of Tsushima Details Suggest a Dynamic and Living World

If you cut a leaf, does it actually cut in Ghost of Tsushima?

ghost of tsushima

New Anime Shares Setting With Ghost of Tsushima

Deja view.

ghost of tsushima tech analysis

Digital Foundry: Technical Analysis of Ghost of Tsushima’s E3 Demo Shows ‘Stunning’ Results

Sucker Punch doesn’t disappoint.

ghost of tsushima setting

Sucker Punch on Ghost of Tsushima’s Setting: It’s Important to Get This Right

They’ve got Japanese developers helping out.

best of e3 2018 awards

Sony Takes Home Six Wins at E3’s Best of E3 2018 Awards

Sony killed it at E3 2018.

Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay black and white

Fans Want a Black-and-White Ghost of Tsushima, Rightfully So

Kurosawa style, this looks like a traditional black-and-white Japanese flick.

best of e3 2018

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Best of E3 2018 Awards

It was another great year for games.

Ghost of Tsushima preview 1

E3 2018 Preview: Ghost of Tsushima is a Playable Samurai Film, Respects the Blade

A fascinating departure for Sucker Punch.

ghost of tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima Director Discusses Inspiration Behind Game and More

“Exhilarating” experience, according to developer.

ghost of tsushima photo mode

Ghost of Tsushima Will Have a Photo Mode

Get ready to snap a lot of pictures.

Ghost of Tsushima Japanese trailer

Sony Releases Ghost of Tsushima Japanese Language Trailer

Yes, you can play Ghost of Tsushima with Japanese dub.

Ghost of Tsushima Japanese language confirmed

E3 2018: Ghost of Tsushima Japanese Language Audio Confirmed

Oh, this is a subtly move by Sucker Punch. Well done.

ghost of tsushima

E3 2018: Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Reveal

Ghost of Tsushima gameplay!

Ghost of Tsushima artwork released

Ghost of Tsushima Artwork Shows Up Ahead of E3 2018

Not gameplay, but it looks gorgeous anyway!