10 PlayStation Showcase Announcements We'd Like to See

10 PlayStation Showcase Announcements We’d Like to See

After many rumors, Sony has finally confirmed the next PlayStation Showcase. The company’s future is mostly shrouded in mystery, too, so there’s plenty of room for all sorts of reveals. And while they probably won’t include Knack 3 or another Ape Escape, here are 10 other PlayStation Showcase announcements that are more likely to show up instead.

10 PlayStation Showcase Announcements We'd Like to See

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

While Square Enix is prepping the launch for one Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is still looming on the horizon. The company hasn’t shown much of the highly anticipated follow-up since its reveal in June 2022, leaving fans desperate to see what will happen next in this remade trilogy. It’s still slated for winter 2023 for PlayStation 5, so Square has to start showing more of it sometime in the near future, and a PlayStation Showcase would definitely be a fitting place for it.

10 PlayStation Showcase Announcements We'd Like to See

The Last of Us multiplayer game

Naughty Dog has been talking about this multiplayer The Last of Us game for years, and it has to start showing it at some point. Neil Druckmann revealed concept art of it at the last Summer Game Fest Live, so it makes sense that the team would have at least a trailer one full year later; Druckmann even said the studio would reveal more in 2023. The franchise is also coming up on its tenth anniversary and still riding off the success of the HBO series, so there are multiple reasons why this long-anticipated multiplayer game is likely to be one of the stars of the PlayStation Showcase.

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Death Stranding 2

Hideo Kojima has to pick if he’s better friends with Sony or Geoff Keighley, as it wouldn’t be unheard of to see another Death Stranding 2 trailer at the PlayStation Showcase or Summer Game Fest. But seeing as though the PlayStation Showcase is a bit earlier than Keighley’s show and how Sony is, well, paying for Death Stranding, there’s probably a better chance more Death Stranding 2 footage appears at Sony’s event. Death Stranding 2 is also just a working title, so Kojima Productions also has an opportunity to reveal the final name, as well.

10 PlayStation Showcase Announcements We'd Like to See

Metal Gear Solid 3 remake

It seems inevitable that the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake will sneakily tiptoe its way into the PlayStation Showcase. The title hasn’t even been officially announced, but reliable insiders have noted that this modern update of the classic stealth game will make its first grand appearance with Sony. PlayStation has been associated with Metal Gear Solid since the seminal 1998 entry, so such a debut would make sense. The Silent Hill 2 remake is also a PS5 console exclusive for the time being, showing that there’s an official precedent for such a partnership.

10 PlayStation Showcase Announcements We'd Like to See

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

While anything can happen, it’s almost a given that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be at the PlayStation Showcase. It’s undoubtedly going to be Sony’s biggest holiday title and that sort of prestige is made for shows like this. Unsubstantiated rumors have filled the air in the absence of official information, so it would also be a fitting time to dispel those whisperings with official details and a lengthy trailer. Tony Todd’s unhinged ramblings can’t be the only Spider-Man 2 information that comes in the first half of the year.

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An Astro Bot game

It was strange that Sony didn’t have an Astro Bot game ready for PlayStation VR2’s launch after Astro Bot Rescue Mission’s near-universal adulation. Another entry wouldn’t be out of the question, as PS VR2 could use another hit and Astro Bot is a rising star in the PlayStation ecosystem. PS VR2 probably won’t take up a huge portion of the show, but if it’s going to have one slot, Astro Bot deserves it.

10 PlayStation Showcase Announcements We'd Like to See

Neil Druckmann’s game

As he hinted at at Summer Game Fest in 2022, Neil Druckmann has been working on something that’s not the multiplayer The Last of Us game, but it’s unclear what. And while it would seem absurd for two games from the same studio to show up at a PlayStation Showcase, Insomniac came through in the 2021 showcase with Wolverine and Spider-Man 2. Druckmann has been open about Sony’s willingness to give Naughty Dog a healthy amount of freedom, so it’s not a given that it will be The Last of Us Part III.

10 PlayStation Showcase Announcements We'd Like to See

Resident Evil 4’s Ada Wong DLC

Sony has made a habit of having Resident Evil at its shows, and while it’s assuredly too early for another full remake or a numbered sequel, it’s probably just the right time to reveal more about the heavily rumored Ada Wong DLC for the Resident Evil 4 remake. DLC doesn’t often stand out when put up against a lineup of upcoming titles, but Resident Evil 4 is not a typical game and that remake is still floating around the game space. It’s also possible that its VR content will make an appearance, but that seems less likely since Capcom only just started development on it.

10 PlayStation Showcase Announcements We'd Like to See

Bluepoint Games’ project

Bluepoint Games has been developing something in secret, and it’s surprisingly not a remake. While its penchant for remasters and remakes has narrowed the playing field in the past, it’s a lot more wide open here. Tracing over classics has undoubtedly taught the studio the basics of timeless design, so its first new title is quite alluring. However, if it’s somehow just a Bloodborne port, that’s still just fine and would be one of the best PlayStation Showcase announcements.

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The Horizon Zero Dawn remake

It is quite soon to be remaking a game from 2017, but the advancements seen in Horizon Forbidden West and the overall impressive quality of The Last of Us Part I (on PS5, at least) make the rumored Horizon Zero Dawn remake more enticing. Bringing in the sequel’s livelier animation and more responsive combat can’t be understated and seeing Horizon untethered from the PS4 would be a sight to behold, something only teased by the recent Burning Shores DLC.

And while the multiplayer game is theoretically more exciting, it’s also probably further off, so don’t expect that as one of the PlayStation Showcase announcements.

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