The Last of Us Multiplayer Game

The Last of Us Multiplayer Will Have a Story, New Characters, and is Set in San Francisco

The much-promised multiplayer game for The Last of Us made its debut at Summer Games Fest only it’s quite different from what the team first intended. Thanks to the team’s huge ambitions, the game now has a story, brand new characters, and promises to be as big as any of the single-player games Naughty Dog has done before, “and in some ways bigger.”

What is The Last of Us multiplayer game?

The Last of Us

The team wasn’t quite ready to unveil the game properly but they did explain that the way the story is told is very unique to the game, there will be a brand new cast of characters, and it takes place in another part of the United States that looks suspiciously like San Francisco. Development of the game is being headed by Game Director Vinit Agarwal, Lead Designer Anthony Newman, and Narrative Designer Joe Pettinati, all of whom are The Last of Us and Uncharted veterans.

Neil Druckmann promised we will see far more of the game next year, but not before that, so don’t expect it to be released anytime soon. He did talk about the HBO TV show The Last of Us with Geoff Keighley, though, revealing the last day of filming will be tomorrow, June 10. The original Joel and Ellie voice actors, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, have also gotten roles in the movie although these are being kept under wraps for now. Druckmann wouldn’t reveal the date the show will air on TV, even refusing to confirm Keighley’s guess of 2023, but did say we will hear more about it very soon.

In other news, the God of War Ragnarok rumors that claimed the game had been delayed until 2023 have been debunked. Elsewhere, The Last of Us Remake managed to leak before the Summer Games Fest show and it’ll be coming to PS5 and PC.