The Last of Us Part 1 PC glitch
Image credit: Reddit user rojann

The Last of Us PC Devs Admit It’s Not ‘Naughty Dog Quality’

Naughty Dog penned another mea culpa on Twitter over the weekend, apologizing for The Last of Us Part 1‘s numerous PC issues. The game’s state at launch took everyone by surprise, including the studio itself which admitted that The Last of Us PC port isn’t “Naughty Dog quality.”

The Last of Us PC hotfixes and patches are being rolled out

Naughty Dog has already released a patch or two (or three) for Part 1’s PC port, and has promised to continue releasing updates until the game’s… you know, playable.

“We know some of you have not experienced the Naughty Dog quality you expected,” reads an official statement. “Our team is working hard to resolve issues currently preventing some of you from experiencing the game to ensure it reaches the quality level you expect and deserve.”

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The Last of Us’s PC port was co-developed by Iron Galaxy. Naughty Dog has said that its partners at Iron Galaxy are currently investigating and addressing known issues.

The statements don’t seem to be placating fans, however, many of whom have demanded refunds. It’s unclear how things went so wrong. Some have blamed Iron Galaxy, while others have pointed out that Naughty Dog’s development experience is restricted to PlayStation platforms.

Whatever the case, we can’t deny that the memes are hilarious.