PlayStation Portal update

PlayStation Portal Update 2.0.6 Seemingly Improves Video Quality

Sony Interactive Entertainment quietly rolled out PlayStation Portal system update 2.0.6, and quite a few players have reported that it drastically improved video quality for them. The official patch notes don’t reveal anything, so it’s unclear what exactly Sony has changed here.

Latest PlayStation Portal system update reportedly doesn’t fix stuttering issues

The official patch notes for PlayStation Portal update 2.0.6 contain the standard Sony line: “We’ve improved system software performance and stability.” However, players who have been testing the handheld are reporting their findings on Reddit.

“The video quality and bitrate is day and night different, and better,” wrote one user. “Even in demanding games you can see all the details in full without pixelation.” Another user noted that they tried Final Fantasy 7, Uncharted, Madden, and Guardians of the Galaxy — all of which “look amazing” with no issues in picture quality. However, they said that some games still stutter a bit.

On the stuttering front, others echoed similar sentiments while some users said that they didn’t notice any changes at all.

Sony has said that those who boot up PlayStation Portal for the first time will be required to go through a series of updates concecutively as opposed to simply downloading the latest patch.