The Last of Us PC Version

The Last of Us PC Version Does Joel Dirty on Low Settings

The Last of Us PC version is now available, giving more gamers the chance to experience Joel and Ellie’s first adventure. Thanks to options available in the game’s graphics menu, it’s possible to lower visual quality in order to boost performance on less-powerful hardware like the Valve Steam Deck. Low settings have a particularly negative impact on Joel, who becomes almost unrecognizable.

The Last of Us PC Joel isn’t looking so hot

An image of a low-resolution Joel was shared by @Levit0 on Twitter with the caption “Joel Last of Us on Steam Deck is SENDING me.”

the last of us pc version

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It’s again worth noting that this is reportedly how Joel looks with the game running on Steam Deck hardware, a portable system with relatively limited power. This is the case for many games when their settings are cranked to the lowest available options. Players should expect the game to look much better on more powerful hardware.

An ugly-looking Joel isn’t the only issue with the PC port, as players are reportedly being hit with crashing issues which are likely inspiring the “Mostly Negative” rating on Steam.

For those looking to run the PC version at 4K 60 FPS with maximum settings, a $1,199 graphics card is required.