resident evil 9 delay

Resident Evil 9 Reportedly Internally Delayed

Production on Resident Evil 9 has allegedly been delayed, with another Resident Evil title possibly jumping ahead of it.

Is Resident Evil 9 dragging its feet?

Dusk Golem, credited with many a horror game leak, wrote on their Discord that several sources have reported Resident Evil 9 might well be on the backburner internally with a delay potentially pushing back its alleged 2025 release date (which Dusk Golem also reported on).

But it’s no disaster, as Dusk Golem points out that it’s not abnormal for Resident Evil titles to get internally delayed during development. No reason was given for the possible delay.

There are murmurings that another Resident Evil title might get the nod to release ahead of Resident Evil 9, but Dusk Golem says he has no concrete source of his own for that information at this time.

Last month Dusk Golem stated Resident Evil 9 was likely to take the baton from the successful Dragon’s Dogma 2 and go open world. Monster Hunter Wilds is already set to do this, and given these games were put into production close together, it wouldn’t be unusual to see them share ideas and initiatives much like when Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2 remake and Devil May Cry V were greenlit close together to take advantage of the burgeoning RE Engine.

Capcom recently said it will continue to produce Resident Evil remakes following the massive financial and critical success of its previous three attempts (Resident Evil 2-4). It hasn’t revealed which game will get the remake treatment next, but fans are split between Resident Evil Code Veronica and Resident Evil 5.