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monster hunter movie images

Palico Will Be in the Monster Hunter Movie (Also, Military Ordinance)

A Paul W.S. Anderson take on Palico will be a sight to behold.

new capcom coo

Capcom USA Has a New Chief Operating Officer

Capcom makin’ changes.

devil may cry 5 training mode

Here’s Your First Look at Devil May Cry 5’s Training Mode ‘The Void’

Take a brief tour of Osaka as well.

phoenix wright ace attorney trilogy release date

Here’s When the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Is Heading to Japan

Objection, Hold It, etc.

devil may cry stage play

A Devil May Cry Stage Play is a Thing That is Happening

Dear Netflix, please license Japanese video game stage plays. Thanks.

Resident Evil 2 Costumes

Resident Evil 2 Adds an Extra Dose of Nostalgia With Original Costumes

Unlockable in-game, for free.

resident evil 2 halloween tease

Are We Getting a Resident Evil 2 Treat for Halloween?

Of course, clearly, there’s a chance this is a trick.

monster hunter world breaks record

Monster Hunter: World Breaks Capcom Records With 10 Million Units Shipped Worldwide

MHW has been a boon for Capcom’s profit this year.

resident evil 2 steelbook

Europe Will Get an Exclusive Resident Evil 2 Steelbook Edition

Elza Walker lives!

capcom beat em up bundle update

Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle Gets an Update in November

No more mid-game interruptions sounds nice.

Devil May Cry 5 Collectors Edition

Japan’s Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition Has Dante’s $8,000 Coat

These coats were scanned into the game.

street fighter 30th anniv collection

Upcoming Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Patch Will Improve Audio and Training Mode

The update will be rolled out across all platforms.

resident evil 2 costumes

New Resident Evil 2 Trailers Showcase Claire’s ‘Noir’ and Leon’s ‘Arklay Sheriff’ Costumes

Both come with the Deluxe and Collector’s editions.

resident evil 2 dlc

Capcom Shows off Claire’s Resident Evil 2 Military Costume in Action

Redfield, reporting for duty.

monster hunter world patch notes

Monster Hunter: World 5.11 Patch Notes Released

Some kinks have been worked out of the monster hunting experience.

mega man 11 dlc

Rumor: Mega Man 11 DLC Might Be on the Way

The Blue Bomber’s ready for more.

Monster Hunter World Guide

Monster Hunter World – 5 Ways to Improve Your Hunt

It may seem basic, but building a strong foundation will build a better hunter.

capcom annual releases

Capcom Wants Annual Releases for Its Core IPs

More Capcom for you.

Capcom Diversity

Capcom Aims to Hire More Women and Non-Japanese Workers

The ratio of female employees hasn’t increased since 2012.