Exoprimal post-launch content and seasons

Exoprimal Content Support Ends a Year After Launch

Exoprimal post-launch content support has ended, Capcom has announced. The “not Dino Crisis” multiplayer game released in July 2023 on current and last-gen platforms to a mixed reception. Despite launching on a number of platforms and on Xbox Game Pass, Exoprimal didn’t quite take off.

When happens after the end of Exoprimal post-launch content?

Capcom has said that Exoprimal Season 4 will come to an end on July 11, following which the game will revert back to Season 1. A new “Season” will begin on the first of each month for the foreseeable future, but it won’t contain any new content. In other words, everything that’s been released thus far will simply get recycled.

Exoprimal Season Passes 1-3 will be going on sale again, allowing players to grab all the premium items that they want. As for Savage Gauntlet ranks, they will no longer be tabulated after trial 41.

Capcom has stressed that everything Exoprimal has to offer will remain online and accessible… at least for now. “If you’re playing alone or match with only a few other players, Bots (AI-controlled Exofighters) will still be added so that you can fully enjoy the Hammerheads’ story and reach the ending,” the publisher added.

For more information, head over to Exoprimal’s official website.