Resident Evil Zero

Resident Evil: Zero and Code Veronica Remakes Reportedly in Development

Capcom is reportedly working on remakes of Resident Evil: Zero and Resident Evil: Code Veronica. However, the new game’s release date is unclear, and Capcom hasn’t commented on the leak.

Resident Evil: Zero and Code Veronica Remakes leaked

Capcom has already released remakes of the first four Resident Evil games and announced in December that it plans to release more. However, the company didn’t reveal which games will be next. That news came from a leak by Twitter user Dusk Golem, who revealed the RE: Zero and Code Veronica remakes were in development. The story was later corroborated by IGN.

Released for the Sega Dreamcast in 2000, Code Veronica takes place a few months after Resident Evil 2. The game sees Clair Redfield captured by the Umbrella Corporation and taken to a prison on a remote island near Antarctica. She must survive an outbreak of the zombifying T-virus while her brother Chris attempts to rescue her.

Meanwhile, 2002’s Resident Evil: Zero is a prequel set a few days before the original game’s events. The game sees rookie STARS officer Rebecca Chambers stranded in the Arklay Mountains following a helicopter crash. After stumbling across a zombie-infested train, Chambers teams up with escaped convict Billy Coen to explore a nearby Umbrella Corporation facility. A former Marine Force Reconnaissance officer, Billy has a better defense and can lift objects more easily. However, only Rebecca can create items by mixing herbs and chemicals. The game lets players switch freely between characters during many sequences, and doing so is central to many puzzles.