Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition

Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition Launches Next Week

The much-rumored Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition has now been announced and there’s only a short amount of time to wait as it launches as soon as next week. The new edition will include the base game as well as the extra DLC content and updates that have arrived since its release.

The Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition release date

Resident Evil 4 Gold Edition will be released on February 9 for PS5 and PS4, as well as Xbox Series X|S and Steam. The announcement confirms a previous release date leak when the game was expected to show up at December’s The Game Awards.

The new edition will include the Separate Ways story DLC and the Extra DLC Pack, the latter of which includes costumes, weapons, and accessories for Leon and Ashley. Players will also be able to access all of the game’s updates so far, including Mercenaries mode and the PSVR 2 mode. Capcom hasn’t confirmed whether all of this content will be included on the game’s disc.

Players are hoping the new version will be like the Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition that had all DLC on the disc outside of the free-to-download “Not a Hero” DLC. On the contrary, the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition only put the game on the disc alongside a download code for the DLC, a decision that proved to be quite unpopular.

The new edition will likely help Resident Evil 4 to continue to be the fastest-selling Resident Evil title ever. Capcom recently confirmed the remake had helped RE4 sell a total of 6.48 million copies, largely helped by the aforementioned PSVR 2 update. This new total means the remake sold more than 1 million copies between October and December, giving it the title of the fastest-selling Resident Evil game in history.