Resident Evil 4 Remake Separate Ways DLC Coming Next Week, PSVR2 Mode Arriving This Winter

At PlayStation’s latest State of Play, Capcom brought us a couple of Resident Evil 4 remake-flavored delights in the shape of more PSVR2 footage and a vague winter release window. But more importantly, the Separate Ways DLC was finally revealed and it’s almost here.

Resident Evil 4 remake DLC sneaks out soon

Separate Ways will be available next Thursday, September 21, 2023. It also comes with a free Mercenaries update on the same day, adding Ada and Wesker to the mode.

Separate Ways was a DLC chapter in the original Resident Evil 4, and it saw players controlling Ada Wong as she worked for Albert Wesker during Leon’s mission to save the President’s daughter.

Beyond the winter release window for the PSVR2 mode, the footage did a fine job showing off the flexibility of VR, making Resident Evil: Village’s own PSVR2 mode such a thrilling experience. That Krauser knife fight is going to work up a sweat.

When Resident Evil 4 remake launched in March, Capcom stated that the PSVR2 mode had only just begun development so we might be looking at the other end of winter for its arrival.