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Resident Evil 2 Costumes

Resident Evil 2 Adds an Extra Dose of Nostalgia With Original Costumes

Unlockable in-game, for free.

resident evil 2 halloween tease

Are We Getting a Resident Evil 2 Treat for Halloween?

Of course, clearly, there’s a chance this is a trick.

resident evil 2 steelbook

Europe Will Get an Exclusive Resident Evil 2 Steelbook Edition

Elza Walker lives!

resident evil 2 costumes

New Resident Evil 2 Trailers Showcase Claire’s ‘Noir’ and Leon’s ‘Arklay Sheriff’ Costumes

Both come with the Deluxe and Collector’s editions.

resident evil 2 dlc

Capcom Shows off Claire’s Resident Evil 2 Military Costume in Action

Redfield, reporting for duty.

Resident Evil 2

Here’s How Resident Evil 2 Utilizes Tech to Create ‘Overwhelming Realism’

“Nostalgic and new.”

resident evil 2 deluxe edition

Here’s What’s Inside the Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition

Reversible cover art is always good.

resident evil 2 licker

See Resident Evil 2 Lickers in Action in New Gameplay Footage

Beware their tongues.

Resident Evil 2 Screenshots

Don’t Avert Your Eyes When Looking at Resident Evil 2’s New Gory Screenshots

Resident Evil 2’s Lickers are back!

resident evil 2 claire

New Resident Evil 2 Gameplay Demo Shows Claire in Action

30 mins of gameplay!

resident evil 2 comparison

Capcom Shares Resident Evil 2 Original and Remake Comparison Screenshots

Change can be good.

Resident Evil 2 Story

Resident Evil 2’s New Story Trailer Is Full of Horrifying Cuts

A fresh look at a refreshed story.

resident evil future

Resident Evil 2 Remake May Influence the Franchise’s Future

Marrying realism and entertainment is one of Capcom’s primary goals.

resident evil 2 ada

Resident Evil 2 Seems to Draw From Old Concepts

What a cool thing to nod back to!

resident evil remake

Would it be Silly to Remake the REmake?

I mean, I would play it. You would too, don’t lie.

resident evil 2 twitch

Capcom’s Official Resident Evil Twitch Premiere Shambles to the Starting Line

Hopefully the stream will become undead soon

Claire Battles Mutated William Birkin in Resident Evil 2 Remake Gameplay

A reimagined vision of an iconic boss fight.

resident evil 2 claire

Get Your First Look at Claire Redfield’s Resident Evil 2 Campaign

Yep, still spooky.

resident evil 2 collectors edition

Resident Evil 2’s European Collector’s Edition Includes a Box of R.P.D. Keys

£229.99 for those in the UK.

RE2 Remake Changes

Why Capcom Ditched Tank Controls For Resident Evil 2 ‘Remake’

Sometimes fans don’t know what they want.