Resident Evil 9 is reportedly open-world

Resident Evil 9 Might Be an Open World Game – Rumor

A known insider has claimed that Resident Evil 9 will be an open-world game — a departure from the series’ previous entries. Capcom has yet to announce the game but previous rumors suggest that it may launch sometime in 2025, which would be somewhat in line with the publisher’s pattern of releases.

How Resident Evil 9 borrow from Dragon’s Dogma 2

According to Dusk Golem — known for their horror game leaks — both Resident Evil 9 and Monster Hunter Wilds will take advantage of the RE Engine’s expanded functionality, which is what Dragon’s Dogma 2 was built upon.

“Capcom often will greenlight new initiatives in 3s closer together,” Dusk Golem explained. “Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2, and Devil May Cry V were all greenlit fairly close together to take advantage of their new RE Engine. Dragon’s Dogma 2 expanded RE Engine functionality for open-world games; the two other games building on this tech are Monster Hunter Wilds and RE9.”

To assuage fan concerns, Dusk Golem added that Capcom’s goal for Dragon’s Dogma 2, Monster Hunter Wilds, and Resident Evil 9 have been to retain their respective series’ DNA. With Dragon’s Dogma 2 out, the same will be true for the latter two.