Frank West, Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster

Dead Rising Frank West Voice Actor Explains Why He Isn’t in Deluxe Remaster

Dead Rising‘s Frank West voice actor Terence Rotolo won’t be returning for the Deluxe Remaster, and fans wanted to know why, so they went direct to the source. Capcom announced that the game will feature “new, high-end character modeling for Frank West,” but it was quickly noticed that the character’s voice wasn’t the same either.

Frank West voice actor not returning for Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster because Capcom didn’t call him

In response to a fan’s Instagram DM shared by X users FrankByDaylight and rxysinister, Rotolo thanked fans for their support and revealed that he simply wasn’t contacted for the role. From the sound of his message, it sounded like Rotolo would have jumped at the opportunity, but alas, this time Capcom decided to go with someone else.

“I’ve always been grateful for every opportunity to bring Frank to life,” Rotolo wrote. “I simply wasn’t called for this mission. The reasons are the producer’s own.”

There is some speculation that Capcom avoided Rotolo because he is part of a union. Although there’s no proof of this, the games industry does seem to continue expressing a strong dislike for unions.

That said, Rotolo is a recurring voice in Resident Evil games, so it’s entirely possible that Capcom’s decision had nothing to do with unionization.