Sony and the curious case of Palworld PS5

Sony and Palworld Dev Have Established Palworld Entertainment Co. Ltd.

There’s no Palworld PS5 version yet, but developer Pocketpair and Sony have announced a joint venture in form of a new company. Ironically, the company — Palworld Entertainment — is dedicated to expanding the IP.

Palworld PS5 version is only a matter of time

The joint venture is between Sony Music Entertainment (SME), Sony subsidiary Aniplex, and Pocketpair. In a press release, the companies said that they aim to “expand and develop new businesses associated with the hit game.”

After singing Palworld’s praises and reiterating that it’s currently available on every platform but PlayStation and Nintendo, the press release announces that the joint venture will not only expand the game’s reach, but it’ll also revolve around merchandise, global licensing, and other commercial business activities.

Palworld Entertainment has already begun developing exclusive merchandise, which will be revealed at Bilibili World 2024 this month in Shanghai, China. Pre-orders will be available through Aniplex.

Both Pocketpair and Sony have previously hinted at a PlayStation release for Palworld, which is currently in early access. It remains to be seen if this deal will result in any PlayStation exclusivity in the future, but we’ll be very surprised if Palworld doesn’t land on Sony’s platforms once it’s fully launched.