Palworld might eventually release on the PS5

Palworld PS5 Release Seemingly Teased

Palworld‘s PS5 release is being teased by none other than Pocketpair’s global community manager, Bucky. The game was expected on Sony‘s console eventually as Pocketpair confirmed it was in talks to bring Palworld to more platforms and had previously hinted at a potential PS5 version.

When to expect Palworld PS5 release date announcement

Taking to X over the weekend, Bucky posted the not-so-cryptic tweet below, teasing Palworld’s PS5 version:

In case it isn’t obvious, the blue heart likely represents PlayStation platforms.

Palworld is currently in early access on the Xbox One and Series X|S as well as PC. A MacOS version has also been confirmed for 2024. Considering the game is available on the Xbox One, it’ll likely hit the PS4 as well.

As for when Palworld will leave early access, that’s anybody’s guess right now. The early access went live in January, so it’s been speculated that the game may have been a timed Xbox exclusive for six months.

Regardless of its release status, Palworld has been a huge success since launch, but not without controversy. The game was accused of plagiarism given its resemblance to Pokemon, but Nintendo hasn’t shown any interest in taking action against Pocketpair.