Helldivers 2 crashes, players unhappy with Discord

Helldivers 2 Players Experience Crashes, Fans Unhappy With Dev Communication

Helldivers 2 players are experiencing problems with one of the Stratagems crashing their game. Arrowhead Game Studios is working on the issue. However, some fans are unhappy with the developer’s use of Discord as its preferred communication method and wonder if there are better ways to inform the community.

Why are some Helldivers 2 fans unhappy?

As N4G reported, Helldivers 2 reported crashes when trying to use the FAF-14 Spear missile launcher. Players asked about the problem on Arrowhead Game Studios’ official Discord channel, with Community Manager Twinbeard responding. “Yeah,” he wrote, “there are crashes affiliated with the Spear right now. We’re looking into it. Seems the Spear is cursed.”

There is nothing wrong with Twinbeard’s comment itself, though it begs the question of why Arrowhead couldn’t disable the Spear temporarily. However, the fact that players must go to Discord to see it ruffled some feathers. “Discord needs to stop being the main source of Helldivers 2 news and updates,” a user called Sandwichgod wrote on Reddit. They argue that most players will never see the Discord comments and thus miss out on important information. They want Arrived to post these announcements somewhere in the game itself instead. Another user suggested Arrowhead repurpose a non-functional terminal for community updates.

Several Helldivers 2 players agreed with Sandwichgod’s complaint. Some commenters noted that many Helldivers 2 players probably don’t even know who Twinbeard is. Multiple users also disliked the game’s Discord community or the platform itself, which is good for direct communication and not ideal for finding specific information.