The Force is Strong with Sony’s Online Plans

September 7, 2009Written by Dan Massi


With Star Wars: The Old Republic currently in development with PC-only in mind, it was originally thought that console owners wouldn’t be treated to a Star Wars MMO. That may not be the case however, if this rumor turns out to be true.

As most PlayStation and Sony followers are well aware, Sony Online Entertainment released a Star Wars MMO titled Star Wars: Galaxies back in 2003. Six years later, gamers are probably expecting a better Star Wars offering from SOE. But what’s surprising is that their wishes may be granted.

A rampant rumor has suggested that a new Star Wars MMO is coming, and is to be set in the popular Clone Wars period. According to Ten Ton Hammer, an “insider source” told the site that SOE was prepping a new MMO aimed at casual gamers, and is most likely based on the animated series The Clone Wars.

Ten Ton Hammer also reported that the rumor was confirmed at PAX, and the title will most likely use the FreeRealms engine. This would give the game the unique look that Star Wars: The Clone Wars brings, and with a smaller development price tag.

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