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UK Doesn’t Roll Out the Red Carpet for PSP Go

September 18, 2009Written by Dan Massi


The PSP Go has not even be released, and be that as it may, a blast of hate has come towards the tiny handheld. Some UK retailers have denied the handheld from being sold in their stores, and others even have hateful words for the new Sony product.

ShopTo will be selling the PSP Go when it launches on October 1st, but that doesn’t mean the retailer has kind words for it. Speaking with EuroGamer, boss Igor Cipolletta told the website that, “As a format it is almost dead before it has arrived,” Also commenting, “We do have it listed on the site, but we are not concentrating any big marketing behind it.”

However, analyst Michael Patcher thinks a little differently.

“It’s just silly for a retailer to say that they won’t sell a big ticket gaming device because they can’t sell the games. Consumer electronics stores sell refrigerators and not food, everyone sells iPods and not the music for them; this position is just ridiculous. I think that it’s foolish for a retailer to be selective about what they carry, unless they truly don’t believe it will sell well.”

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