UMD Drive For The PSP Go May be Coming

What on earth would that look like?
What on earth would that look like?

One of the PSP Go‘s claim to fame is that it is so much more portable than the past PlayStation Portable models. But how did it get that thin? By expunging excess weight, of course! The handheld has no UMD drive, but Logitech may be looking to change that.

According to the latest rumor flying around the internet, Logitech could be working on an add-on for the PSP Go that enables it to read UMDs. When website CVG contacted Logitech’s UK offices, they responded saying they had no idea about such a product, but it could perhaps be something that is going on over at Logitech US’ HQ. No official word has been given by either Logitech or Sony, but as soon as there is confirmation or denial of an add-on expect to see it here.