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Sony Patent Suggests Old Peripherals May Become Compatible With PS5

A Sony patent discovered by folks over at GameRant suggests that the company is toying with the idea of making old PlayStation peripherals work with the PS5. The drawings included in the application show peripherals like EyeToy and the PS Mouse. One diagram even depicts PSP Go and something called a “legacy card reader” working with the modern console via emulation.

Could old PlayStation peripherals be used to play PS Plus classics?

Sony certainly seems to be taking emulation seriously. It was only this morning that we shared a new PlayStation Studios job description with our readers that seeks a “classics engineer” to work on new emulators among other projects like PS Plus classics. PS3 emulation is on everyone’s wish list but not all patents come to fruition so we’d advise keeping expectations in check. Nevertheless, this is an interesting find.

The patent application is full of technical jargon but we’ve picked out the interesting bits below:

The wireless, USB and Ethernet ports also provide connectivity for other peripheral devices in addition to the game controllers and the HMD, such as, for example, a remote control, a keyboard, a mouse, a portable entertainment device, such as, e.g., a Sony Playstation Portable entertainment device, etc., a video camera, such as, e.g., an EyeToy video camera, etc., a microphone headset, and a microphone. The portable entertainment device is an example of a game controller. In some embodiments, such peripheral devices are connected to the game console wirelessly, for example, the portable entertainment device communicates via a Wi-Fi ad-hoc connection, whilst the microphone headset communicates via a Bluetooth link.

Time to get the dust off the EyeToy!

In other news, concept art from Call of Duty 2024 – reportedly a Black Ops game – has leaked, and the PSVR 2’s cable can reportedly be detached and replaced unlike the original’s.

[Source: JUSTIA via GameRant]