PS5 vs Xbox Series X

Games Run Better on PS5 Than Xbox Series X Because of Architecture, Say Tech Experts

A PS5 vs Xbox Series X performance analysis conducted by tech experts over at Digital Foundry finally explains why games tend to run better on the PS5. Despite Xbox Series X being labeled the most “powerful” console in the market today, games on the console often suffer from relatively inferior performance, and as part of their research into the matter, Digital Foundry spoke to developers to get some insight.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X performance: why Sony’s console outperforms Microsoft’s

It all seems to come down to the way the PS5 is set up (thanks, Mark Cerny). Digital Foundry has heard from developers who have said that PS5’s GPU compiler is far more efficient than Xbox Series X’s, and that Sony utilizes its graphics tech better than Microsoft. Apparently, Xbox Series X’s split memory is also impacting performance.

Then comes the GPU. Developers have said that the PS5’s GPU simply runs faster, and as a result, works better with some game engines. “A more efficient GPU compiler, lower-level APIs and higher clock speeds allows PlayStation 5 to match or even exceed the outputs of Xbox Series X in some scenarios,” Digital Foundry concludes.

The full article is an interesting read, so make sure to check it out over on Eurogamer.