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HyperX ChargePlay Duo Review ps4 controller charger dualshock 4

HyperX ChargePlay Duo Review – PS4 Controller Charging For Two

Controllers at the ready!

PlayStation 4 Sales

Japanese Weekly Hardware Sales Chart: PS4 Holds Second Spot

How to beat Nintendo Switch in Japan?

Hardware: Rivals Update 1.07 Today Adds New Content, February Plans Revealed

Barbarian Tank and Scarab FAV are the two new vehicles.

Hardware: Rivals Update 1.06 Improves Matchmaking, Increases Weapon Power

XP reward for completing training fixed.

Hardware Rivals Update 1.05 Today Is 3.3GB, Fixes Crashing & Matchmaking Issues

“We’re doing our best to ensure future patches are smaller downloads.”

Hardware: Rivals PS4 Release Date Confirmed as January 5, 2016

It’ll cost you $19.99.

Hardware: Rivals PS4 Beta Starts Tomorrow, Exclusively for PlayStation Plus Members

Everyone with a membership is eligible to participate.

Hardware: Rivals Is a Vehicle Combat Game Coming Exclusively to PS4

Builds upon the PS2’s Hardware: Online Arena.

Hardware Sales No Longer Included in Monthly NPD Reports

For years now, monthly NPD reports have been looked at as an indication of success by console manufacturers in the US, while gamers have used the reports as a means of debate. However, the years of battle between rival console fans every month will be coming to an end.

PS Move Developers Researched ‘Glove’ For Gaming

It’s probably safe to assume many of you may not remember aRead the full article…

Sony Patents A New Way to Control the PSP

A recent SCEA patent has been revealed that allows for a newRead the full article…

PS3 Move Subcontroller Renamed

Last month at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), Scott Rohde, VP forRead the full article…

PS3: World’s Undisputed Heavyweight Champion

Fat is the new black… or something like that. Even though manyRead the full article…

Yoshinori Kitase Praises PlayStation 3

The producer of RPG epic Final Fantasy XIII, Yoshinori Kitase, has praisedRead the full article…

Report Shows Sony Close to Breaking Even on PS3 Manufacturing Cost

When Sony originally launched the PS3 back in November of 2006, itRead the full article…

UMD Drive Not Coming To The PSP Go After All

A few days ago a rumor was flying around that Logitech mayRead the full article…

UMD Drive For The PSP Go May be Coming

One of the PSP Go‘s claim to fame is that it isRead the full article…

Headshots & Friendly Fire: Round 5

The gaming industry has gotten bigger and better with each passing year,Read the full article…

DualShocked and Burned By Counterfeit PS3 Controllers

Caveat emptor, counterfeit DualShock 3 controllers have hit the internet via Ebay,Read the full article…

Patriotic DualShock 3 Controllers Hit Retail

The DualShock 3 controller is finally beginning to show its true colors.Read the full article…