Million Dollar PS3 Shows Up At Retailer

October 20, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


There is no doubt that the PlayStation 3 is an excellent value, especially at its new low price of $299. Even at launch the PS3 with its cutting edge tech and its Blu-Ray support (Blu-Ray wasn’t the HD standard at launch) was a great value, even with a $599 price tag. The scarcity of the PS3 at launch, coupled with the holiday season, the then new console was fetching astronomical prices on Ebay.

Now the PS3 is just about 3 years old, yet it’s received its highest pricing yet…, the world’s largest online retailer is home to many amazing video game deals offering some of the lowest prices on the ‘net. This time around, Amazon has mistakenly listed the PS3 slim for… (said in a poorly done Dr. Evil voice) one million dollars. But look on the bright side, at least you know for sure it’s going to be eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping.

The obvious mistake has since been taken down.


Thanks to papadunit for the tip!