Demon’s Souls is Dreaming of a White Christmas

December 22, 2009Written by Josh Fernandes

Demon’s Souls was released earlier this year in October with favorable reviews from critics. The game soon acquired¬†a reputation for its difficulty and unforgiving gameplay. During the week before Halloween, Atlus changed the world tendency of every world in the game to pure black. This made the game even more difficult and unlocked a few special sidequests and enemies. Now, Atlus has planned to give gamers a friendlier experience for Christmas.

Atlus has shifted the world tendency for every world to pure white. Anyone who starts the game will be greeted with this message:

“The power of the Old One if faltering, and will likely be diminished in the days following the winter solstice. Expect to find reduced difficulty and unique tendency-based NPC’s and locations during this special time. Note: You may have to log in a couple of times before your game’s world tendency begins to shift to pure white.”

The event will last until noon on Dec 28th PST. So, make sure you find time during the holidays to jump into Boletaria and get some of those pure white tendency weapons or beat some of the harder levels.