Limited Edition Madden 11 Etched PS3 is Something to Behold

August 9, 2010Written by Mike Hartnett

In celebration of the launch of Madden 11, EA’s upcoming Madden Gras celebration is officially underway in New Orleans. Lo and behold, the folks at Spike will be giving away one sweet, custom etched Madden 11 PS3 Slim. I could try and describe the console myself, but words just can’t do it justice.

According to Geoff Keighley’s tweet, the console will be given away on Spike in a short while, but no exact time has been given.

Well, if you’re a Madden fan, be sure to tune in and turn on, because this is one limited edition console that you won’t wanna miss! Pull out your beads for this limited edition PS3… because it only does massive celebrations! Madden 11 hits store shelves in a mere two hours, so be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for all the latest Madden 11 coverage as well as our in-depth review of the latest outing on the gridiron!