Geoff Keighley Says Wednesday May 13 Summer Game Fest Stream is ‘One of the More Important Moments This Summer’

The four-month-long Summer Game Fest is Geoff Keighley’s enormous celebration of games and last bastion of hope in a world that’s feeling pretty bleak lately. Along with providing a banner under which studios can hold events and reveals on their own, Keighley himself is also directly organizing some announcements to be made, though just what those are remains to be seen in full. However, tomorrow’s stream is set to be a big one, as Keighley took to Twitter calling it “one of the more important moments this summer.”

The Wednesday, May 13 stream was first announced yesterday, with wording carefully calling it a “special showcase event and interview,” avoiding using words like “reveal.” The Wednesday stream is not to be confused with today’s (Tuesday, May 12) game reveal coming very shortly (possibly even known by the time you read this. Here’s the initial announcement of Wednesday’s Summer Game Fest stream/showcase.

Shortly after, Keighley took to his personal Twitter to hype both today’s reveal and Wednesday’s event, which he said is a stream that he “can’t wait to share with you.” When asked if Wednesday’s stream would be “fun and cool,” Keighley replied, “Wednesday is one of the more important moments this summer.”

Assigning a level of import to events may be different for everybody, but in a summer set to be full of next-gen game reveals, console unveiling, and generally setting us on the path of the next 5-7 years of gaming, Keighley’s bar must be pretty high if this particular one is set to be “one of the most important” of all of them.

Due to the careful wording and subjectivity of game reveals in general (moments I would call “exciting” but not necessarily “important”), i would speculate that Wednesday’s showcase is not related to a specific game, if it’s even software related at all. It could be platform-based, culture-centered, or even be about the future of the ecosystem (ie. Sony revealing its answer to Microsoft Game Pass and how it plans to evolve PS Now and PS Plus). Of course, that’s purely speculation on my part, but we only have to wait another 24 hours to find out what Keighley believes is one of this summer’s most “important moments” in one of the most important summers in gaming.

The Summer Game Fest special showcase will take place Wednesday, May 13 at 11 am ET / 8 am PT.