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Nintendo Not Phased By Sony’s New Handheld

January 30, 2011Written by Joseph Peterson

With the recent announcement of the Sony NGP, Nintendo should be a bit worried with their 3DS launch on the horizon. The new Sony handheld is offering a PlayStation 3 experience on the go, eclipsing the 3DS in terms of power. But Nintendo isn’t shaking in their boots, and generally seem unphased by the NGP.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata recently discussed their opponent at a quarterly earnings briefing.  He had this to say on the NGP:

They’re trying to appeal to customers from a different direction than us,” Iwata said. “The customers will decide which is correct.

Nintendo is not the kind of company that thinks about how we oppose other company’s product.

It will be interesting to see how these two heavyweight handhelds fare against one another when they are released later this year. While the Nintendo 3DS has already been announced to cost $249.99, many are waiting to see what it will cost to experience the Next Gen Portable.