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PSLS Downtime Update

September 26, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

Dear Readers,

Depending on when you last visited PSLS, you might have noticed that the site was offline for several hours. Unfortunately, our servers decided to do a Sony and stop working without warning, as part of a “major failure” that brought down all dedicated servers hosted by 1&1.

Thankfully, the downtime didn’t last too long, and we already have the site up-to-date. We will also start investing in contingency plans so we don’t have any other hosting problems, and to ensure that you can get your PlayStation news fix whenever you want.

However, in the unlikely event of future downtime, be sure to follow @PSLifeStyle for constant updates on the site’s condition, as well as ‘News Shorts’ so that you don’t miss any news.

Thanks for choosing PSLS as your destination for all things PlayStation, we all appreciate every member of our community, and have many new features planned for the future.