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Sony Email Hack: Uncharted Film Details, Mark Wahlberg, “More Bourne Than Indy”

Marky Mark’s putting the sparky spark in Uncharted: The Film.

Inherent Vice: Games Journalism Can’t Help Its Biggest Problem

He’s back, banging that old drum again.

Sony’s Credit Rating Cut to Junk by Moody’s, Outlook “Stable”

Kaz is moody.

Watch How PlayStation Took Over London’s OXO Tower

OXO Cubed.

Sony Working With 3rd Parties to Bring Titles to PlayStation Now US Launch

More games the better.

PS4 Becomes Best Selling Console of 2013 in UK, After Beating 360 in Final Week

In 5 weeks.

Daily Reaction: PlayStation Now, Now

Summer is not now.

PSLS Site Review – Tell Us What You Hate, What You Love

Don’t hold back.

Editor’s Letter: PSLS’ 2013 in Stats – 26 Million Pageviews, Our Biggest Year Ever

The future is bright. Or it would be, if it wasn’t for adblockers.

The Last of Us Character Makes GLAAD Intriguing LGBT Characters of 2013 List

Small TLOU spoiler inside.

PS4 Sells 530,000 Units in the UK, 166,000 More Than Xbox One

And the winner is!

Super Icon’s Creative Director on Developing for Vita: “It has Financially Ruined me”

“During the course of development my relationship with SCEE has been badly damaged, the stress and worry off the scale.”

Devil’s Third Is 80% Complete, Coming Out in 2014

Devil’s 4/15

PlayStation Japan Releases First PS4 Ad, Takes us on a Journey Around the World

At least they’re showing ads somewhere…