Rumor: PS1, PS2 Backwards Compatibility Coming to PS4, Local, Not Streamed, Possibly Upscaled

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With even the PlayStation Portable playing PS1 games, it always seemed rather odd that Sony’s most powerful console, and the one that is supposedly the easiest to develop for couldn’t handle it. But new rumors claim that the PS4 will soon be able to play both PS1 games and PS2 ones, locally.

While PlayStation Now already plans to bring PS3 games to PS4 (and other devices), Eurogamer claims that the service won’t stream PS1/2 games, at least initially. Instead, PS4 owners will be able to download and play locally emulated titles on their current gen hardware, just like PS3 users can do with some PS1 games.

What’s more, Eurogamer’s sources suggest that “Sony is actively pursuing the ability for older titles to run without the blurry upscaling seen on PS3, suggesting that native HD resolutions are being targeted.”

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