Daily Reaction

Here’s How to Join the Official PlayStation LifeStyle PS4 Community

Both in video and in screenshot form!

Daily Reaction: Reacting to a Few of the TGS 2015 Announcements

Go, Go, Tokyo!

Daily Reaction: PS4 Update 3.00 – Improvements the Console Deserves

Please be folders, please be folders…

Daily Reaction: The End of an Era – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The final act.

Daily Reaction: Why Bethesda’s Radio Silence on Fallout 4 Story is a Great Thing

“Sir, they want more about Fallout 4’s story, what do we do?” “Go dark…”

Daily Reaction: PS Plus Vote to Play – Are We Generalizing Indie Games?

Judging a book by its cover, or rather games by their development scope.

Daily Reaction: How Sharing Is Changing the Industry – PSN and the Share Button

Sharing is caring.

Daily Reaction: Cracking Down on Xbox One Cloud Computing

Xbox One’s cloud computing reportedly makes it 20 times more powerful.

Daily Reaction: Microsoft’s gamescom 2015 Press Conference Impressions

A solid show.

Daily Reaction: Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 – Rhythm Games’ Encore

The reunion tour is nearly here.

Daily Reaction: Can a PlayStation Plus Voting System Make Gamers Happy?

I voted.

Daily Reaction: Ouya’s Downfall and the Home Console Market

There will be crab cakes and funeral potatoes at the wake.

Daily Reaction: Are Gaming Accessories Important? VR, Fight Sticks and Gaming Headsets

Plastic, it’s fantastic.

Daily Reaction: Consoles vs PC – The Gamers’ Debate (Part 2)

Simplicity vs versatility.

Daily Reaction: Console vs. PC – The Problems With Cross Play and Cheating (Part 1)

Is it winning if you cheat?

Daily Reaction: Kickstarting Shenmue III, Broken Age, and More – Money Where Your Mouth Is

Talk is cheap, and there is a vocal minority.

Daily Reaction: How Important Is 1080p and 60fps and Overall Graphical Fidelity?

A sight to see.

Daily Reaction: Clamoring for Information – The Desire to Know More

Where’s the nice even flow?

Daily Reaction: Remembering Our Giants – The Loss of Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata

A true loss.