Naughty Dog Happy with Director Assigned to Uncharted Film

September 28, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

Uncharted developer Naughty Dog approves of Neil Burger, the man assigned to direct the upcoming film based on their wildly popular game franchise.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Richard Lemarchand, the co-lead designer at Naughty Dog, was outspoken on the studio’s affinity for Burger.

We’ve been impressed at Naughty Dog with the level of interest they’ve shown in talking to us and to Amy [Hennig, creative director] in particular in order to get it right. The attachment of Neil Burger to the project is a very good sign in that regard.

With regard to the film itself, Lemarchand went on to add:

I’ve always been very excited about it. I’m interested in this concept of transmedia, perhaps because of the kind of media environment I grew up in, that we all grew up in. I’m a big Doctor Who and Star Wars fan. You have the primary thing, which is the TV show or the movies, but then you extend your enjoyment by re-experiencing those story worlds through these other channels.

We’ve set out to make the most cinematic character action games that have ever existed. Cinematic as well in the right sense, we hope, because it’s all about ongoing, real-time interactive gameplay as much as we can possibly make it. We’re happy with what we’ve been able to achieve in that regard.

We’re all big fans of film. We had to study on the techniques of cinema very diligently to be able to make these games. So yeah, I remain excited about the future of the Uncharted feature film.

Perhaps the Uncharted film will be the first video game inspired movie to break the mold and turn out to be a really great film. We can only hope.